Good News the Garden Is Open!

Flowers in Bloom

After months of closure due to COVID-19, the garden reopened on May 22nd, just in time to enjoy the end of Spring. The gift shop reopened a week later enabling shoppers with masks to enter one-at-a-time.

Although social distancing is encouraged throughout the garden, we are happy to welcome visitors again!

Summer events have all been cancelled, but we are optimistically planning activities for late in the Fall.

Please check back for events as the year progresses.

  • September/October Twilight Thursday Concert Series -CANCELLED
  • Mid-October to mid-November: Scarecrow Garden
  • October 16th & 17th : Fall Plant Sale

Garden Beautification

Although the garden was closed for most of the 2nd quarter, some volunteers continued to pull weeds and maintain the planting beds. Perry Coy and John Pape worked tirelessly to install an effective and automatic irrigation system in several areas including the Home Demonstration area, the Children’s Garden, the Front-Scape, the raised planter beds near the pavilion and more. It is an on-going challenge, that’s for sure. We are most appreciative to everyone for all their hard work! All other projects are on hold as we conserve our resources to keep the garden open.

The garden comes to life in the Spring. While most were sheltering-at-home, Mother Nature was at work creating an outstanding display of flowers and new foliage. Some examples are on the next page for your enjoyment – cactus, yucca, iris, daffodils and more. So many to choose from, and they are all drought tolerant too! Follow us on Face-Book to see even more

Volunteer Showcase

photos of three women who volunteer

Mandi Avila

We wish a fond farewell to Mandi Avila, a long-time, dedicated volunteer at the garden. Mandi is excited to be moving closer to family in Santa Maria, but we will truly miss her! On both Thursday and Saturday mornings, one could find Mandi weeding, trimming, raking, dragging wagons full of weeds and trimmings to the green pile, etc. – always with a cheerful smile. Mandi says she loves the serenity of the Garden and the many friends she made along the way. Thank you, Mandi, for your wonderful support to keep the Garden looking good and best wishes to you!

Valerie Lee

Valerie Lee has an extended history of garden volunteering. Prior to joining the CBG volunteer team in December 2018, Valerie was an essential member of the Chapman Estate team. The Chapman Estate is an extraordinarily beautiful venue in the Shell Beach area of Pismo Beach. Valerie gave tours, handled special events and was one of the main gardeners. What a gift for us at the Clovis Botanical Garden! Valerie’s volunteer work in Clovis includes planting, donating plants, donating painted rocks for gift shop sales and more. She is a welcome addition to our garden, as she contributes in so many positive ways, and is a remarkably interesting lady! We are very fortunate to get to know her. Thank you for everything, Valerie – we appreciate you!

New Addition to Newsletter! – “Tips for Central CA Gardeners” Elinor Teague:

Many of you may know Elinor Teague as the Fresno Bee garden columnist. Elinor has been a Master Gardener since 1995 and wrote a column for the Fresno Bee for 16 years. She is a strong supporter of our garden too! To our delight, Elinor has volunteered to submit gardening tips for our quarterly newsletters! See her latest tip.

Welcome New Members

Welcome to: Sarah Holbert, Paula Johnson, and Jonathan Blanck

Membership dollars help the Garden grow in many ways. For those interested in joining, visit the membership page or stop by the Gift Shoppe Information Center.

The Clovis Botanical Garden is a registered non-profit group developed, managed, and operated by volunteers for the benefit of the community. Without the passion and dedication of volunteers giving freely of their time and talents, the Clovis Botanical Garden would not exist for the education and pleasure of the community. THANK YOU to all members and volunteers!

Tips for Central California Gardeners

By Eleanor Teague

The best time of year to decide where you want to plant a shade tree in your garden is in mid-summer when the sun’s angle is at its highest point in the sky and the days are hottest and longest. In the next few weeks, take a pole, broomstick or a long-handled shovel into the garden at noon and again in late afternoon (when temperatures are at maximum for the day) and note just where the pole’s shadow falls. Finding the right spot for your new shade tree, hedge, or line of small trees in midsummer guarantees that the trees or bushes you plant in fall, winter or early spring will provide shade right where it’s needed most.

There are several additional considerations when choosing a shade tree or bush. Most important, trees should be planted at least 12 feet away from any structure to prevent damage from the roots or overhanging branches. Size at maturity is another important consideration; make sure the tree you select will not touch power lines when it’s mature and will not grow too large for the available space In your garden. You will also want to consider irrigation timing and methods for your new tree. If it will be on an automatic timer, you may need to adjust irrigation zone placement. Bubblers and soaker hoses are best for tree irrigation; lawn sprinklers do not water deeply enough.

You’ve picked the right tree for the right spot, but how’s the soil in the spot? The heavy clay and sandy soils that are common in the Central Valley may need amending to improve drainage and water retention before you plant. Be prepared to dig in several places and readjust your plans and tree selection depending on soil type and the work that might be involved in providing your new tree the best growing conditions. Do remember to mark that perfect spot now for planting in the Fall!

Get Involved, Volunteer!

Volunteer experiences are fun and available for virtually every interest and experience level – docent, event planner, fundraiser, gardener, greeter and more! Contact us today! We need volunteers more than ever to support efforts to maintain the garden after months of closure!

Attention Amazon Users!

Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice for each purchase at no cost to you! Just go to “Amazon Smile,” list Clovis Botanical Garden as your charity, then shop on Amazon as you usually do! It is so easy, and you only need to do this once. So sign-up today and help support the Garden!

A Message from Our President Ann Clemmons

Thanks to all CBG fans who expressed appreciation for the garden when it reopened. It’s always good to hear kind words for the garden and efforts of so many volunteers. Thanks too for the donations that helped to close the income gap caused by cancelling events.

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who continued with maintenance throughout the closure.

COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are still causing us to modify lifestyles and garden events. Masks are required in the gift shop with entrance restricted to one person at a time. Social distancing is encouraged in the garden. When state guidelines permit larger outdoor gatherings, we will reschedule events. Keep your fingers crossed for the October plant sale!

Since revenue is decreased, most improvement projects are on hold. An exception is improvements for the irrigation system, certainly the highest priority.

Stay safe! Hope to see you soon!

Clovis Botanical Garden Is Happy to Reopen!

Clovis Botanical Garden is happy to once again open its grounds to the public.

Operating Hours

Wednesday – Sunday: 9am – 4 pm

Closed: Monday & Tuesday, and select holidays