Clovis Botanical Garden Is Happy to Reopen!

Clovis Botanical Garden is happy to once again open its grounds to the public.

Operating Hours

Wednesday – Sunday: 9am – 4 pm

Closed: Monday & Tuesday, and select holidays

Clovis Botanical Garden Needs Your Financial Support

Spring has arrived and Clovis Botanical Garden is alive with new growth and gorgeous blossoms.  Although the garden is closed during the COVID-19 crisis, we hope you join us on Facebook and enjoy pictures of the season’s beauty!  As you know, the garden is a non-profit organization that is maintained 100% by dedicated volunteers and funded through memberships, grants, special events and donations. 

Like the rest of America (and the world), our sources of income have been lost with the garden closure. We’re facing tough challenges ahead as we try to pay our bills and “weather the storm.” 

We need your support!  Please help by making a donation today! 
All contributions will be greatly appreciated!

or mail to
Clovis Botanical Garden
1865 Herndon Ave, Ste K, Box 330
Clovis, CA  93611 

Until our poppy gates are open and we can welcome you to the garden once again, please stay safe and healthy.  We will all get through these hard times together!

Thank you in advance for your support and donation!

Take Care,
Anne Clemons, President
Clovis Botanical Garden

First Quarter Newsletter 2020

Garden Mission: To promote water conservation in the California Central Valley landscape through excellent gardens, exhibits and programs that educate and inspire the public.

Upcoming Events 2020

In this time of uncertainty, the Clovis Botanical Garden is committed to do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and reduce its impact on our healthcare systems. We are following statewide guidelines and have cancelled many garden events. The garden is closed at this time and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Hopefully, we can move forward with the following events in the fall. Until then, practice “social distancing” and stay healthy!

April Events have been cancelled. The April 10th Starry Night Visitor Center Fundraiser will be rescheduled. If you have purchased raffle tickets, the drawing for the raffle will be held during the rescheduled event.

September & October 

Twilight Thursday Concert Series


Scarecrow Garden

October 16th & 17th                       

Fall Plant Sale

December 12th                                  

Christmas Fun in the Garden

Children’s Educational Corner: Science Saturday

 By Barbara Davidson

Children participating in Science Saturday on March 7th explored the world of “POLLINATORS!” Barbara Davidson and Robin Loctov developed and facilitated the lessons. The session included dissecting various flowers and making pollination simulators. We explored which of our favorite foods would not be available without different pollinators and talked about ways to protect pollinators and bring them into our gardens. All participants made and took home seed balls to put in their yards. It was a delight to see young scientists engaged in learning!

Garden Beautification

The Buchanan High School Equilibrium Club and Jeffrey Hull from Lemoore Naval Air Station volunteered to install raised garden beds just east of the pavilion. Anne Clemons and Andrea Reed inspected the finished product and were pleased with the outcome. Soon plants will fill in the beds for a scenic view for all to enjoy!

The large terracotta pots placed by the pavilion pillars now have beautiful succulent arrangements thanks to our planters Tracy Wells, Mandi Avila and Valerie Lee. Valerie supplied about half of the succulents, a few came from the CBG nursery, and the remainder were donated by Home Depot on Kings Canyon in Fresno.

A succulent arrangement was also planted near the garden entrance under the green tent. The concrete sink donated by Nathan Magsig was used along with cinder blocks to create a welcoming display of succulents. A painting on slate by Valerie Lee of blue flowers and butterflies is also included in the arrangement for an extra special touch!

Children’s Garden

A metal scarecrow now stands in the Children’s Garden to add a delightful air of whimsy. The raven perched on the scarecrow’s hat intermittently spews water from his beak into a pan below held by the scarecrow. Visitors have enjoyed watching this new water feature, especially the children!

Garden Tour

The Three Rivers Garden Club visited the garden and enjoyed their guided tour with Perry Coy. They were enthusiastically positive about the garden and plan to return soon!

Home and Garden Show:

Our booth at the March Fresno Home and Garden Show was visited by many, especially those wanting to purchase raffle tickets after seeing the great display created by Pat Wynne!- Many thanks to all those who volunteered to man the booth over the 3-day period.

New Addition to Newsletter! – “Tips for Central CA Gardeners”

Many of you may know Elinor Teague as the Fresno Bee garden columnist. Elinor has been a Master Gardener since 1995 and wrote a column for the Fresno Bee for 16 years. She is a strong supporter of our garden too! To our delight, Elinor has volunteered to submit gardening tips for our quarterly newsletters!


By Elinor Teague

It is very likely that this year will be a drought year. Central Valley summers often last longer and have longer periods of high temperatures than normal during drought years. New transplants and seedlings may not be able to withstand early hot spells even if watered on a regular schedule, and growth may slow significantly for existing plantings with well-developed root systems. New transplants of drought- tolerant plants are not drought-tolerant during their first two or three years or until their root systems are well-established; soil moisture levels in their planting beds will require regular monitoring.

Revamp, repair and replace your irrigation systems now to ensure that your plants get enough water this summer while still conserving water. Newer models of micro spray emitters deliver water in square, semi-circular or circular patterns that irrigate a larger area of plants’ root systems than drip emitters. Drip tapes can be buried six inches deep in the soil near plants’ roots (very useful for row plants) and because the soil surface does not receive the water, evaporation is slowed and weed seed germination is suppressed. Low-flow bubbler emitters also deliver water directly to root zones. Check the Fresno County Master Gardeners’ website under ‘Drought and Waterwise Gardening for information sources on installing and improving irrigation systems.

Adjust your irrigation timers often. Four times a year is not practical in our climate. Irrigate just before a hot spell is predicted to pre-soak roots and increase watering time during periods of high temperatures to maintain consistently moist, but not soggy soil. Hand water seedlings and transplants when the top inch or two of soil is dry, twice a day if necessary, on the hottest days.

Thank You

The Clovis Botanical Garden is a registered non-profit group developed, managed and operated by volunteers for the benefit of the community. Without the passion and dedication of volunteers giving freely of their time and talents, the Clovis Botanical Garden would not exist for the education and pleasure of the community. THANK YOU to all members and volunteers!

Welcome to our New Members

  • Sally Wright
  • Randy Dunlap
  • Valerie Lee
  • Vicki Giraldes

Membership dollars help the Garden grow in many ways.  For those interested in joining, visit the membership page or stop by the Gift Shoppe Information Center.

Get Involved – Volunteer

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A Message from Our President Anne Clemons

This message of March 2020 seems a world away from the previous message of December 2019. First, there is goodbye to Nelda Lewis. Nelda has served on the Board of Directors since the very beginnings of Clovis Botanical Garden. Once she retired from the working world, her priorities shifted to family. Thank you, Nelda, for serving as Vice President, President and Secretary of Clovis Botanical Garden.

Thank you to Carole Bence for agreeing to serve as Secretary and Newsletter editor.

March brought the COVID-19 viral pandemic. CBG has closed to protect both visitors and volunteers. A message from the American Public Garden Association revealed that gardens across the nation have also closed to visitors. Let’s hope that the virus goes on its way soon so gardens can once again welcome visitors.

Thank you to the many volunteers who accomplished much before the shutdown. The pavilion area was spruced up with new succulent plantings in the terracotta pots. Construction of raised beds was completed and soon will be brimming with colorful flowers. Science Saturday just managed to squeeze in before the shutdown. Then volunteers appeared alone to pull spring weeds.

Be safe!

Anne Clemons, PresidentPatricia Wynne, Vice President
Andrea Reed, TreasurerCarole Bence, Secretary
Carolyn DicksonPerry Coy
Elsabe KrugerJohn Pape
Eric AllerKarin Chao Bushoven
Nancy MorrisonJohn Bushoven, Ph.D.
John Pape

2019: 2nd Quarter Events and Activities

Find out about our upcoming events on our events page.

April 27th – Science Saturday “Bug Fest”
Dozens of children enthusiastically participated in April’s Science Saturday. They took a deep look into the lives of invertebrates. Cadettes, Junior and Seniors from Girl Scout Troop 3470, as well at CBG members, volunteered their time to help at hands-on stations involving insect identification, life cycles, earthworms, butterflies, and a build-a-bug craft table. Reptile Ron was also there to show his live insect collection. Thank you to all who participated!

CBG Float in Clovis Rodeo Parade

CBG Float in Clovis Rodeo Parade

Clovis Rodeo Parade – April 29th
The Clovis Botanical Garden entered a float in the parade this year, thanks to the coordination and extended efforts of Georgia Procella and family. Butterflies, poppies and plants were visible the float came down the street, filled with waving children and parents. Volunteers walking along with the float distributed over 1000 informational cards with small packets of poppy seeds. It was a great addition to the parade and won 2nd place!

Mayor’s Breakfast – May 9th
The Board was invited to attend the Mayor’s Breakfast, a gathering of Clovis civic organizations that provide a positive impact on community life in the city. We were honored with a $5,000 donation from the Clovis Community Foundation for garden maintenance and improvement.

Membership meeting and brunch

Membership meeting and brunch

Membership Meeting and Brunch – May 18th
The Board provided a brunch for approximately 35 members who attended our annual meeting. Pat Wynne narrated a delightful slide show of photos to walk us through the many changes to the garden. It was wonderful to see what progress has been made over the years!

Peace pole dedication

Peace pole dedication

Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony – May 23rd
The Rotary Club donated the Peace Pole in our garden and planned a dedication ceremony, complete with speeches and a delicious dinner. The Peace Pole has the word “Peace” burned into the wood in dozens of languages, symbolizing the gift of diversity in our country. A bird house sits on the top of the pole, making it a perfect addition to the Clovis Botanical Garden.

Memorial Day booth

Memorial Day booth

Memorial Day Celebration at Clovis Veterans Memorial District – May 27th
Clovis Veterans Memorial District invited CBG to participate in the event with a booth to expand awareness and increase participation. Hundreds of people attended the event, which also included an indoor concert, lunch, and outdoor music entertainment. We were able to disseminate information and secured a list of about 40 individuals who wish to be on our mailing list, including a few who want to volunteer! It was a beautiful way to showcase the garden and celebrate our veterans too!

Arthur Dyson receives check for an architectural rendering of our new visitors center

Arthur Dyson receives check for an architectural rendering of our new visitors center.

Plans for a Visitor’s Center begin!
Board members, Anne Clemons, Pat Wynne, and Andrea Reed met with Arthur Dyson, a nationally renown architect, who has agreed to design our visitor center. The photo to the right shows Board Members giving him a check for a design rendering, which he has graciously agreed to provide at a reduced cost to demonstrate his support for the garden.

Pavilion Reservations: The Pavilion provided a tranquil, scenic garden venue for many gatherings of family and friends. Special events this quarter included celebrations for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers (baby/wedding), a dance recital, Girl Scout gathering, farewell party, and CBG events mentioned earlier. The white canopy was used for our Science Saturdays, as well as events for the Bonsai Club and Heartbeat Boxing Gymnasium. As word of our facilities in a beautiful garden travels, we anticipate even more reservations!

Garden Tours: Several tours were conducted during the 2nd quarter, including that for National Public Gardens Day and Earth Day. Visitors were delighted to see our Spring in bloom, as well as the new additions to the Garden.

Marge’s Gift Shoppe: Due to the summer heat, the gift shop will be closed in the afternoon during July and August. The garden will continue to be open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Tuesday through Sunday, and the gift shoppe from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

Garden With a Friend! We would love to have you join our Clovis Botanical Garden volunteers any Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday morning. Bring a friend or come alone to meet a new one! Most days our volunteers work from 9:00 AM to noon. The garden supplies gloves and tools. New volunteers are given a brief orientation by a supervisor. Please contact any one of the supervisors to arrange your first garden workday: Wednesday: Perry Coy, Thursday: Ree Coy – Ree Coy, and Saturday: Anne Clemons.

Agave Parryi

Agave Parryi

Cyclists enjoy the Garden

A Message from our President, Anne Clemons

This spring the Board decided to proceed with building a permanent visitor center. We envision a 2,500 sq. ft. building to house a larger gift shop; expanded information and education displays; a larger office/workspace; storage, and a conference room for meetings and presentations. The conference room will connect to an enclosed patio. The visitor center would have green features to reduce electrical use. Patricia Wynne, Andrea Reed and Anne Clemons formed a committee to explore the possibilities.

A sustainability presentation by Arthur Dyson, hosted by the Green Building Council, seemed like a good place to begin gathering information. Dyson is a nationally renowned award-winning architect with ties to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. During introductions, we said that the garden was beginning to think about building a permanent visitor center and hoped for assistance from the group of builders and designers in attendance.

After the presentation, we were surprised and delighted to have an offer of help from Arthur Dyson. The garden is dedicated to sustainable horticulture, and Dyson has championed sustainable building practices – a good fit and very fortunate for us! He is designing a 2,500 sq. ft. building that looks like it belongs in the garden, while accepting site and budget constraints.
This project will put CBG on the architectural map, as well as the garden map, and attract even more visitors. To transform the vision of an Arthur Dyson designed visitor center into a reality, support from CBG members will be greatly appreciated!


  • Perry and Ree Coy – $25,000 for the Children’s Garden
  • Clovis Community Foundation – $5,000 for Garden Maintenance & Improvement
  • City of Fresno Water Conservation – $1,000 for Irrigation
  • Woman’s Conference Grant submitted by Ree Coy – $500 for the Children’s Garden
  • The Clovis Rotary for donating the Peace Pole and providing a dedication ceremony

Perry and Ree Coy donating check to childrens garden

Perry & Ree Coy donate $25,000 for the Children’s Garden


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The Clovis Botanical Garden Committee, Inc. is a registered non-profit group developed, managed and operated by volunteers for the benefit of the community. Without the passion and dedication of volunteers, giving freely of their time and talents, the Clovis Botanical Garden would not exist for the education and pleasure of the community. To ALL Members and Volunteers – A BIG THANK YOU!

Membership dollars help the Garden grow in many ways. For those interested in joining, visit contact us or stop by the Gift Shoppe!

Welcome to our new members!
Sloane Laird, Debbie Christian, Monta Bentley, Chad & Carolyn Harris

Low Allergy Gardening

Did you know that ginkgo biloba trees, while providing shade and being beautiful to look at, may be causing you problems with your allergies? Take a look at this recent article from Global News Canada that talks more about this and ways that you can minimize your and others’ allergy suffering.