Garden Beautification

Although the garden was closed for most of the 2nd quarter, some volunteers continued to pull weeds and maintain the planting beds. Perry Coy and John Pape worked tirelessly to install an effective and automatic irrigation system in several areas including the Home Demonstration area, the Children’s Garden, the Front-Scape, the raised planter beds near the pavilion and more. It is an on-going challenge, that’s for sure. We are most appreciative to everyone for all their hard work! All other projects are on hold as we conserve our resources to keep the garden open.

The garden comes to life in the Spring. While most were sheltering-at-home, Mother Nature was at work creating an outstanding display of flowers and new foliage. Some examples are on the next page for your enjoyment – cactus, yucca, iris, daffodils and more. So many to choose from, and they are all drought tolerant too! Follow us on Face-Book to see even more

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